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If you can dodge a car, you can dodge a ball #dodgeball
watch out ... (w/ Marcus Johns; inspired by Joe Weller)
LEGGO' ... w/ Curtis Lepore, Jake Paul
When bae says she's home alone (w/ Amanda Cerny)
How couples fight Lele Pons, George Janko (IB Rudy Mancuso)
The "beet" go hard tho ... w/ Sam Pepper, Jake Paul
Rudolph was gettin' it!! (inspired by Jerry Purpdrank) #TurnUp
Don't scrub too hard (w/ Jerry Purpdrank)
The World's Worst Superheroes (w/ KingBach, Christian DelGrosso) FX by Joe Murayama
Racist Signs (KingBach, Rudy Mancuso, Jake Paul)
TALK BIRDY TO ME 🐤(w/ Maverick the Parrot)
Cool, Evan... Peep his new movie, #TheLazarusEffect, out this Friday! #EvilWillRise
Aggressive couple's therapy Lele Pons, Anwar Jibawi
Don't skip leg day... Lele Pons, Anwar Jibawi, Jake Paul, Max Jr,
The Pterodactyl Laugh (w/ Christian Delgrosso, Rudy Mancuso, Matthew Espinosa)
When your headphones are in and you can't tell how loud you are
No shoes... ? w/ George Janko
Thug Life
World's Worst Superhero ... w/ Zach King
The sass dance... w/ Curtis Lepore
Mario & Luigi's phone calls Jake Paul
That annoying kid at the pool who splashes everyone ... w/ Jake Paul
JUAN DIRECTION!!! w/ David Lopez, Marcus Johns, Rudy Mancuso ... #ThatsWhatMakesYouBurrito
Six months in six seconds ... what can you find?
Why'd you say it twice? Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan
Saying 'Merry Christmas' to someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas Josh Peck, Mark Dohner
COPY CAT! (w/ AaronsAnimals)
Crazy girlfriends be like... Christian DelGrosso, Jessica Serfaty
Every time I'm in the STREET ... (w/ Jake Paul, Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan)
Me on Christmas morning #TBT Jake Paul
The Friend Zone ... (w/ Amanda Cerny FX Joe Murayama)
Thug Life 👐 (watch me on L&O SVU this Wednesday, 9p EST on NBC!)
WHEN YOU TRY TO BE A GENTLEMAN Verne Troyer, Jessica Serfaty
Jamming in a library... Jake Paul, Max Jr, Josh Peck (IB Nathan Frindt™)
Made in China ... (w/ DAN Nampaikid & Jake Paul)
Getting into cougar's cars (pt. 1)
awkward ... w/ Jake Paul
How to hit a high note 🎶 (w/ KingBach)
Everyone has a different type Jake Paul, George Janko
a LITTLE road rage 😤 (w/ Dwarf Mamba)
When the squad rates your new girl Jake Paul, Curtis, JoJoe, Christian DelGrosso
That was a close one ...
Can't miss the New Years countdown 😂 #itwasanaccident #NYEonVine
When people's voices don't match their body DAN Nampaikid, George Janko
When you see someone in public that you don't like Jake Paul, Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan, George Janko
HOW COUPLES FIGHT (w/ Lele Pons & George Janko)
Don't mess with the older brother Jake Paul
How to get away with handing in late homework (ft. Jake Paul)
Baguette Hitman w/ Jake Paul
Attention ladies... 😂
How other people get out of a pool VS. how I get out of a pool (w/ Jessica Serfaty & Matt Cutshall)
I got your back Anwar Jibawi, Pagekennedy
When you drop your new phone and you can physically feel the pain ... (w/ Josh Peck, Christian DelGrosso, KingBach)
NAILED IT! (w/ George Janko)
When your mom crashes the party Jake Paul, George Janko
Wen u see bae (w/ Rudy Mancuso, Jake Paul, Christian DelGrosso, Curtis Lepore)
How these notes were hit Jake Paul, krazyremi
When you think someone is waving at you Matthew Espinosa
Things you DON'T do for the homie Josh Peck, Grayson Dolan, Jake Paul IB DeStorm Power
Some guys just don't get it on Valentine's Day 😬 w/ Amanda Cerny
Choosing my seat at the Movie Awards 😉 #AllAccessSwitch
Cats always land on all fours 🐈 (w/ Jake Paul)
what did I just make 😂
The cool way to stop at a Stop Sign ... w/ Jake Paul
When you see yourself die on TV!!!
If we were in a horror movie 👻 (w/ Lance210)
When yo main pet sees you on TV with yo side pet (w/ Maverick the Parrot)
When people fish for compliments 🎣 w/ Jake Paul
BUTTERFACE ... w/ Amanda Cerny & Jake Paul
When your parents said THIS to you 😑 Jake Paul, Christian DelGrosso
Fights in 2015 KingBach, Jake Paul
Ratchet Moms Jerry Purpdrank, Max Jr
That's what "THEY" say ... ft. KingBach, Curtis Lepore, Jake Paul
Modern Day Camping (w/ Christian DelGrosso & Jerry Purpdrank)
When your dog makes a mess while you're gone ... (w/ Curtis Lepore & Buster Beans)
When someone pulls the "you touched it last" Jake Paul
THIEF! 😱 (w/ AaronsAnimals)
JAYWALKING IS ILLEGAL Jake Paul, Curtis Lepore
Friends that are too literal (w/ Matthew Espinosa)
Just when you think you understand everything and the teacher makes it 100x harder (w/ KingBach & Anwar Jibawi)
Ice makes everyone a break dancer
I'm always free KingBach
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