Lifestyle Business Blueprint: Top 5 Strategies for Making Money Doing What You Love from Anywhere


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Format: Unabridged
Written by: Tyler Basu
Release date: 5/7/2015
Duration: 2 hrs and 42 mins
Language: English
Genre: business, personal finance & investing

Learn how to build a successful business that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you dream of.
If you dream of running your own business and having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, regardless of the cost, then you may just be destined to become a lifestyle entrepreneur.
What is a lifestyle entrepreneur, you ask?
A lifestyle entrepreneur is a business owner who prioritizes lifestyle benefits over profits. With freedom and fulfillment as their ultimate goal, they organize their work and business activities around their lifestyle goals.
By leveraging the power of the Internet, lifestyle entrepreneurs create and manage businesses that can be fully automated or semiautomated.

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