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Killer Chemicals in Our Lives and How to Avoid Them


The Real Truth About Health

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Expert Panel Hosts: Brian Clement, Anna Maria Clement, McKay Jenkins

Is a deep, remarkable, and empowering investigation into the threats—biological and environmental—that chemicals now present in our daily lives. Do you know what chemicals are in your shampoo? How about your cosmetics? Do you know what’s in the plastic water bottles you drink from, or the weed killer in your garage, or your children’s pajamas? If you’re like most of us, the answer is probably no. But you also probably figured that most of these products were safe, and that someone—the manufacturers, the government—was looking out for you. The truth might surprise you.

Learn the truth about toxic chemicals, our alarming levels of exposure, and our government’s utter failure to regulate them effectively. This panel reveals how dangerous, and how common, toxins are in the most ordinary things, and in the most familiar of places:

• Our water: Thanks to suburban sprawl and agricultural runoff, 97 percent of our nation’s rivers and streams are now contaminated with everything from herbicides to pharmaceutical drugs.

• Our bodies: High levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals from cosmetics, flame-retardants from clothing and furniture, even long-banned substances like DDT and lead, are consistently showing up in human blood samples.

• Our homes: Many toxins lurk beneath our sinks and in our basements, of course, but did you know that they’re also found in wall-to-wall carpeting, plywood, and fabric softeners?

• Our yards: Pesticides, fungicides, even common fertilizers—there are enormous, unseen costs to our national obsession with green, weed-free lawns.

Learn how you can make informed decisions about the products you buy, and to disentangle yourself from unhealthy products you don’t need—so that you and your family can start living healthier lives now, and in the years to come. What you don’t know can hurt you.
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