Kids Theater Farm Show - Learn Animals Names and Sounds | Fun Animals Puzzle | Horse, Cow, Cat, Dog



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Farm Show is made up of pets, learn the sounds of animals, reward yourself with a well-deserved moment of rest.
Kids Theater: Farm Show is an interactive and educational scene where your child can find talking animals. After the beginning of the concert, the child repeatedly clicks on the scenery behind which the animals hid. The scenery opens and falls, which is a surprise and fun for the child because it is not always known who can hide behind them.
Animals hide behind various theater objects, playing hide-and-seek with your child.
The game can help parents during the day, putting children to bed or when you need 5 minutes of free time.

More than 16 animated, beautifully drawn characters of cute animals on the farm:
★ play hide and seek with a cat
★ look for a happy horse
★ try to inflate bubbles with the pig
★ jump with a happy and funny dog
★ listen to how the goat bleats
★ smile with a funny duck
★ sing with a rooster
★ hear from sweet cow
★ jump with a rabbit
★ spend time with cute lamb
★ click and hear the mouse
★ try to sniff like a hedgehog
★ have fun like a frog
★ Turkey is a big bird, no need to annoy him
★ important goose, talk to him
★ chicken nice little baby

Touch the animated animals and learn the sounds.

Kids Theater Farm Show - Learn Animals Names and Sounds | Fun Animals Puzzle | Horse, Cow, Cat, Dog:
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