KISSING In Fortnite?!? BUGS vs LUCKY vs PROS - Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments


Dabacabb - Fortnite Funny Moments

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Check out some of the best bugs, lucky moments, and pros submitted by fans like you! I want to see your funny moments! Send them in at and they may be featured in future videos!

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00:10, wocketywack, Carnivale Intrigue, Kevin MacLeod,
00:33, TheCanadianDevil1,
00:45, Reapers-kyoki,
01:00, reth1nk,
01:17, phi207, The X-Files - Bork,
02:11, Pataxu, Carnivale Intrigue, Kevin MacLeod,
02:28, PetiteBitte14,
02:56, PaulRyanFit,
03:11, rainbowfrog_,
03:51, Zarxiel, Blue Ska, Kevin MacLeod,
04:05, TheAhmTR,
04:31, ursy,
04:44, Emppi20,
05:18, xiKRAZE,
05:48, ViolentRevenge,
06:30, blorange36, Jerry Five, Kevin MacLeod,
06:50, blerizzy,
07:05, bornintheasu,
07:29, Dbroncos16,
08:18, bulldog1602,
08:32, DEMOLITION2140,
08:53, dirtydeeiii,
09:15, Braddderrrs,
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