Joey Badass: 1999 (2012) Mixtape


Cory Ballad

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Track Listing
1.Summer Knights- 0:00
2.Waves- 2:02
3.FromdaTomb feat. Chuck Strangers- 5:39
4.Survival Tactics feat. Capital STEEZ- 9:09
5.Kiluminati feat. Capital STEEZ- 12:38
6.Hard Knock feat. CJ Fly- 15:17
7.World Domination- 20:41
8.Pennyroyal- 22:30
9.Funky Ho- 26:25
10.Daily Routine- 31:00
11.Snakes feat. T nah Apex- 34:04
12.Don't Front feat. CJ Fly- 38:29
13.Righteous Minds- 42:56
14.Where it At feat. Kirk Knight- 46:46
15.Suspect feat. PRO ERA, Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly, Chuck Strangers, Dyemond Lewis, NYCk- 51:00
Joey Badass,