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How to unpublish a YouTube video that's live


Attribution Modeling

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If you're a YouTube channel manager or content creator, you may or may not have been in a situation where you needed to unpublish a video. Not delete, just unpublish. So, this one is pretty easy. Here are the steps below:

0:11 Step 1: Go to your YouTube channel and click on your channel icon - top right of your screen
0:19: Step 2: Click on Creator Studio
0:22 Step 3: In creator Studi, find the video you want to unpublish and click on “edit”
[Now you’ll see different tabs on your home screen - but what you want to do is go to step 4]
0:33 Step 4: Click on the “Public” drop down menu and select “Private”
0:39 Step 5: Now click on “Save changes”, and you’ll see that your changes have been saved.

0:50 To return to your home page, click on the YouTube icon top left

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