How to teach your dog to ‘Fetch’. Step 1: Introduce the Fetch toy


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How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch'
Step 1: Introduce the Fetch Toy : Grab it
It is very helpful to choose a toy that your dog loves and only let him have the toy while you are working on this training. In that way, he is more likely to pick it up more than a few times.
Start by showing the beloved toy to your dog. Tease him up using a high pitched mouse like voice and when he grabs the toy we are going to say “good boy” “good girl” or ‘yes” followed by a treat. We want to pair our praise with something very positive and at the same time build a positive association with grabbing our mouthing the toy. This is the key to a successful start.
You can do this for 6 or 7 repetitions- 2 times a day for as long as your dog needs it.
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