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How to teach your dog ‘Fetch’ : Come to me


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How to teach your dog “Fetch”
Playing fetch with your dog is a great way to burn off their extra energy and bond with your pet.
But let’s face it, not every dog likes to retrieve or bring back their favorite toy. We can work up to “Fetch” by rewarding our successes (called close approximations in dog training lingo) to the end result, in other words using “SHAPING”.
The Basics: Come
First, you’ll need to teach your dog how to “come back to you.”
1. Get your dog’s favorite treat or toy (high value) and another not so favorite treat or toy (low value) and start inside the house.
2. Move a few feet away from your dog, throw a low value treat or a toy to the floor and call him back as soon as he grabs the treat.
3. Say your dog’s name followed by the command. Start bubbling up (use a higher pitched mouse like voice) and take a few steps back.
4. When he comes to you, reward the behavior by giving him the high value treat.
5. Repeat until he starts to understand and then begin to practice outside.
6. Move farther and farther away and repeat. Use a long leash if you are at the park or in a place with lots of distractions.
7. Once your dog is comfortable with this task, start to add distractions like other people, toys, or head out into your yard to test their skills.