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See how to make a website in 11 Minutes with 3 Easy steps! *GET THIS VIDEO TO 100 LIKES*

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With my Simple 3-Step WTF system you can make any type of website, and everything is super Easy using my FREE Drag & Drop Templates!

Follow these steps (click the timestamps for each part):

1) Choose your Website Name - 2:07
2) Grab your Domain & Hosting - 2:42
3) Install WordPress - 4:18
4) Add our Website Layout - 11:06
5) Edit the Content - 13:08

We will build a website in 3 Easy Steps!

Let's do this!

STEP 1: Pick your Website Name

To do this, go to: http://www.WebsiteWizard.tv/11
then you can choose your website name, e.g. yourwebsite.com, .net or .org

Once you have found a website name that is available, we now want to move down and click 'Get Domain & Hosting'

These are the only two thing we need to get our website up online! Web hosting is simply the place where our website files will be stored so it can be seen online, and the Domain is simply your website name.

We are going to grab both for less than a takeout each month.

I also show you some coupon codes in the video so you can get 30% OFF!

STEP 2 - Install WordPress, Theme & Plugins

WordPress is 100% free software and it will allow us to build a website without needing to know how to code or have any web design knowledge.

Installing our WordPress website is done is just a couple of clicks! Simply log in to CPanel and click "Quick Install".
Then click "WordPress", choose your website username, and enter your name and email and hit "Install".

We have now completed the installation of WordPress and can now login to our WordPress Dashboard using our username and password.
This is where we will make all the changes to our website, and at this stage your website is live online!
Enter your domain name in the web browser to see for yourself!

So login to your wordpress dashboard by going to: yourwebsite.com/login

So now let's add our website theme to give our website an awesome new look!
I created special templates for you guys to make everything Quick & Easy!

So install your theme by going to 'Themes' and clicking 'Add New'. You can install the awesome Pow Theme I created for you guys.

Once we have done this, we can now install the Elementor plugin so we can customize our website with ease!

So go to 'Plugins', 'Add New' and install the plugin.

Once the plugin is installed you can choose from a range of website designs.
I created some awesome designs for you guys which you can find in the website assets folder.

You can also see all of my FREE templates at: http://www.websitewizard.tv/page-tem...

STEP 3 - Edit the Content

You can now simply edit each page using the simple and easy editor. All you need to do is visit the page and click 'Edit with Elementor' at the top of the page!

You'll now be able to click on whatever part you want to edit and use the options on the left to change the content to fit your needs.

So once you are happy with your changes, simply click 'Update' in the bottom left, and then you can click the preview icon to preview the page.

You can now visit the remaining pages on your website and again simply click 'Edit with Elementor' at the top, make the changes you need and click 'Update' to save the changes!

That's it! It's super easy to get your website up online. All you do is:

- Grab your Domain & Hosting
- Import my FREE Templates
- Edit the content to make your own website!

*START HERE* โžœ http://www.WebsiteWizard.tv/11


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