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How To Find People On Google+ Plus - Add People To Your Circles


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Hello, welcome to this weeks Local Marketing Report.

We are going to cover how people can find you in Google+ Plus.

This, goes out to a question asked by Sue Elliott in the Youtube Underground Community...run by Derral Eves.

So, I'm going to...show you some ways that people can find you.

So, if you just go to your profile page or your business page...

Just hover right over on the left hand side here, and you'll see the circles icon that says people.

Just click on that. And what Google+ Plus does is it gives you suggestions...of people you may know on Google plus.

Now, Sue...if this were somebody who was trying to find you and they had already setup a Google+ plus page or a profile account...with their gmail...

And, you know them, maybe through e-mails or other relations, uumm, business, friends or so forth...

You possibly may show up in this suggestions area.

If you don't, no worries there.

You can enter, in this little search box here, it says search for anyone.

Google plus offers you a way...it says here you can search by city, school, company or email.

So, again, if she knows your email, they can enter the email their.

Say, I was looking for a particular dentist in my city.

So, I could enter Dentist in quotes and put Davison, Michigan.

And hit enter.

Davison is a pretty small town. So, as you can see I have three dentists that show up here.

This particular dentist is one I am working with right now, so...you can see he is already in one of my circles called Dentists.

But, if you are looking for some dentists and you wanted to create some groups, categorized by niche, this is a good way you can do that.

Ok, back to finding people.

Say I knew you Sue from school or something, and I said let me find Sue Elliott.

You can see that it pops up this drop-down right underneath the search box.

And if I search down I can see that you are there in the list.

And then, what I can do then is, click on your profile for her account and then I can add her to circles.

So, what I'm going to do is just create a new circle called Youtube Underground, and add her to that circle.

And now you are added.

That is one way or a couple of ways that people can find you and then add you to their group.

As you can see here, they have suggestions.

You can also bring up those who have added you.

So, maybe you added that person and then they click on the Added You button here, it would show those who have added you to their circles.

You can see there is a whole lot of them in their.

You can also search by Gmail contacts.

So, you can see here you have it says that I have one contact on Google Plus but is not in your circles.

I can add those. There are a couple down below that says "Invite these people to Google Plus".

Two of your Gmail contacts are'nt yet on Google+, invite them below.

You can also invite them that way.

Also, you can see under here that I've got some businesses, business names.

These come from my Google+ profile where I've listed my employment, or my past history of my work.

Each of the schools that you've gone to, there is a Yahoo account.

You can disconnect it from there.

Or if you click on that...you can add your Yahoo contacts.

Here is another way that people can add you if you are under different email accounts, such as Yahoo.

And look, you can see it says "Add coworkers from TekSystems".

That's a staffing company that I used to do contracting through...in the past.

So, I can go through each one of these, and see it pops up their Google plus and I can add them to circles or go look at their pages, and so forth.

I can view all of them...

It says that 288 of your Yahoo contacts aren't on Google+, so I can then invite more people.

You can go down through this whole list.

So, these are many different ways that you can find people or people can find you to add to their circles, to invite your through gmail accounts and through Yahoo.

How To Find People On Google Plus

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