How ROYALS Changed Pop Music


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Written, voiced & edited by Frank Furtado


Time Magazine called Lorde one of the most influential teenagers in the world.

Five years ago, ‘Royals’ sat atop the Billboard Hot 100 overtaking artists like Katy Perry (Roar), Miley Cyrus (Wrecking Ball), Lady Gaga (Applause) and Britney Spears (Work Bitch) -- some of the most prominent female pop artists of the late 2000s.

‘Royals’ sounded nothing like it’s competitors, breaking all of the rules with a significantly slower tempo, unique melodic structure and Lorde’s subdued vocals.

Her style would mark a shift in the pop landscape delivering a voice with substance among what Dave Grohl considers “stripper pop.” When Lorde arrived on the airwaves, pop radio would never be the same. And that might sound like an exaggeration until you listen a little closer. This is how Lorde’s Royals changed pop music.


Can Lorde sing?
Yes, Lorde can sing! Lorde is an alto, the lowest register for female voices. However on Royals she kicks it up a notch and sings at the mezzo-soprano level.

Did Lorde write Royals?
Lorde claims to have written Royals in 30 minutes when she was about 15. She took inspiration from the luxurious lifestyles portrayed in a lot of pop music. She drew inspiration from Lana Del Rey and Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne project.

Can Lorde see music?
Again Lorde claims that she can see sound/music and they appear in different colours. She says ‘Royals’ appears as gold and ‘Green Light’... well as green.

Did Lorde sing for South Park?
No. Sia has actually confirmed that it was her who sang in South Park’s parody episodes of Lorde.



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