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One thing the Gundam franchise has established itself with is a commentary on war that persists in almost every entry. Some do this well, others absolutely terribly, but not often is a sense of desperation and nihilism conveyed musically. Usually in Gundam shows music serves as a light at the end of the tunnel or the hope the characters are fighting for. However the Thunderbolt staff saw things differently, and in their adaptation of Yaso Ohtagaki’s manga, they took the opportunity to make something of a statement with their use of music. I’m personally not a fan of free jazz at all, I don’t go out of my way to listen to it, or really any noise-centric music for that matter. Might have something to do that all the jazz performers I met at school and uni were obnoxious as all hell. But personal experiences aside it’s impossible to deny how effective it is for this series, which highlights the importance of understanding musical concepts and how they fit within narratives like these.

Music by Naruyoshi Kikuchi:
Thunderbolt Main Theme-yo
Sentochu (Gekisen Jyotai)-yo
Sento Kaishi-yo
White Day in the Blue
Sento Haishi-yo
Oh God, I’m Alone
The Dreaming Girl in Me
I’m 60
SE 1 1950-nendai Giji (Full Acoustic)
SE 2 2050-nendai Giji (Full Electric)
Ronald Reagan Other Side

Additional Music:
Pace Pace Mio Dio - Giuseppe Verdi

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Written, narrated and edited by Abhi Kapoor.

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