How Cancer Taught Me To Prioritize My Health


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The saying goes, "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone" — and the same goes true for health!

In this short clip, I share an inspiring message (and a hint at my dream car) how and why we need to prioritize our health pro-actively, instead waiting for something to happen and then "coulda woulda shoulda..."

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Founder and creator of the Live Free Manifesto, Unfck Your Body Series, and author of Living {Cancer} Free, Sara is a 15-year cancer survivor who is living proof that you can move through anything. A warrior, healer, creator, and determined soul, Sara travels the world filming, interviewing, experiencing, sharing, and creating online content and in-person conferences to inspire others to live a life of choice, freedom and intention.

Graduating with honors and a BFA in Boston, Sara became immersed in the corporate world and succeeded in Art Direction and Graphic Design for the first eight years of her adult life. However, her immense passion to heal your self through fitness, healthy eating, and exploring the world led her to leave the corporate world in 2013 to commit to educating others on the benefits of well-being and traveling.

After years of struggling with Eating Disorders and alcohol addiction, Sara’s determined to share the message of Living Free. Through empowered choices and actions, to LIVE FREE is to never settle, and to embody a determined mindset, warrior spirit, and passionate heart raising you to become the highest level and most evolved (and ever-evolving) version of you.

Sara is featured as the Face of Fitness and Well-Being for both the international brand, Club Quarters Hotel, and New York City’s stylish Park Terrace Hotel on Bryant Park for in-room fitness and guide for healthy travel tips. Known as one of Miami’s top fitness professionals and sought after private instructor for celebrity personnel, Sara has shifted her focus from teaching these days to producing, and hosting high-quality content in the wellness, fitness and travel sector, along with life coaching, motivational speaking, retreats and conferences. Sara holds a High Honors BFA Degree in Advertising and Design with over 8 years in the professional corporate marketing world, and now is a producer for edu-tainment content specializing in the wellness and travel sector.

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