Horror on the metro as two year old boy su


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Horror on the metro as two-year-old boy suddenly runs from his mother's side and falls onto the tracks - before he's plucked from certain death by a quick-thinking student.
This is the shocking moment where a two-year-old boy was saved by a teenager after jumping onto the train tracks at a Milan metro station shortly before a train arrived.

The incident, which happened on Tuesday, was caught on CCTV and shows the toddler sitting with his mother and then running to the edge of the platform at and jumping down on to the tracks below. 

As the shocked mother and other passengers try to pull the child from the tracks, quick thinking Lorenzo Pianazza, 18, threw off his rucksack and without missing a beat, jumped down to pick him up and lifted him to safety. 

Before scrambling onto the platform himself the brave teen even picked up the boy's toy from the track and stopping briefly to check the time for the next train which, he said, was due to arrive in 90 seconds.
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