High Yacht and Rerun K-Pop Soccer Song (Misheard / Buffalax / Fake English Lyrics)


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NOTE: This is second draft of the same K-Pop song that I previously buffalaxed in another video. See it at http://tophbo.com/video-hot_ftnhmE... .

Don't miss out more of my other buffalaxed/misheard lyrics videos on the "Buffalax / Misheard Lyrics / Fake English Subtitles Videos by Disco Saturn" playlist on the link at http://tophbo.com/menber/playlist?list... .

Here is a song collaboration of the 2006 World Cup song by a variety of K-Pop artists in the Korean language with the misheard (buffalaxed) lyrics added in there – i.e., what I think the song in there sounds like it’s in English. (The actual song titled is called "World Cup Song [월드컵 송]" by a group called Clon [클론].) It was inspired by the legendary YouTube user buffalax and other users who made similar videos. I have used Windows Movie Maker 2012 while making this video.

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