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Hellow Srujana | Before and After srujana Audio clip | Srujana Breakup audio clip| canon dslr camera


Krazy Kurrallu

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Real Facts Behind srujana audio clip | Trending srujana audio clip 27 : 57 minutes | srujana breakup audio clip | trending srujana audio clip

Our shortfilms:

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Single : http://youtu.be/X5gHJk8qMDw

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Kaagitham Emotional shortfilm : http://youtu.be/QcozFsvWdcE

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Love Frustration : http://youtu.be/OTJAL1OiMF8

Ee Manduki Emaindi : http://youtu.be/OZUyYrKrksc


Our Pranks Links :

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Hug Prank : http://youtu.be/Rju8fL83r8w

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Sneezing Prank గట్టిగా తుమ్ముడు ఫన్నీ ప్రాంక్ : http://youtu.be/OI6DfzH1mrM

GAY Prank On Srangers : http://youtu.be/h17FrV9Hezs

Phone Stealing Prank ( GONE WRONG ) : http://youtu.be/dpOWf5zJGVw

Diwali Bomb Prank : http://youtu.be/F3HGvnSRBPI

Fasak Prank : http://youtu.be/6qih2XCYZNc

ASking For Lift twist prank : http://youtu.be/PlOJ_If59lo

అమెరికా కి ఆటో వెళ్తుందా ? ప్రాంక్ : http://youtu.be/H5AAXrJ17eg

Paper dropping Prank : http://youtu.be/DRUqMqyFJyk


We Do Comedy Pranks in telugu.you can watch funny telugu pranks in our channel.Our Pranks were shot in kakinada and near villages.in future we should shot in other cities like Hyderabad , Vizag , Mumbai

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Krazy Kurrallu Team :

Story screenplay dialogues : veerendra

dop Direction Editing : Somesh

cast : Muni Reddy Veerendra veeru Hemanth


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