Heavy Metal Workout Music Mix


Péter Karkó

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00:00-03:08 Linkin Park - Don't stay
03:10-05:33 Slipknot - Only one
05:34-08:22 Slipknot - No life
08:22-11:59 Bullet for my valentine - Poision
12:00-15:22 While she sleeps - Be(lie)ve
15:24-20:01 While she sleeps - Steal the sun
20:02-25:03 While she sleeps - Trophies of vielence
25:03-29:12 Maximum the hormone - What's up people
29:16-32:58 Maximum the hormone - Zetsubou no billy
33:00-38:48 Linkin park - Figure 09
38:51-44:25 Slipknot - AOV
44:28-49:12 While she sleeps - You are we
49:13-51:40 Slipknot - Wait and bleed
51:41-55:49 Red - Fight inside
55:50-58:36 Slipknot - Eeyore

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