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Grille 15 • 13K damage WITHOUT GOLD AMMO • WoT Gameplay


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World of Tanks Battle (Replay, Gameplay) nearly without gold ammo on the German tier 10 tank destroyer Grille 15.
The Grille 15 was introduced in Patch 9.15 to replace the Waffentrager auf E100. The tank performs like an E25 with a high alpha gun and worse camo than the WT Pz. IV. It can run around the map going 55-60 kph which allows it to easily relocate after shooting to make up for its average camo values. Its accurate gun with fast aim time makes snap shooting very easy. A big threat is being circled; it may be fast but its traverse is subpar and you can easily be killed by heavies who out traverse you. You need to use your speed to stay safe and your gun to keep enemies at bay.

WoT How to play tank destroyer Grille 15 without gold ammo - 13K damage and 6 kills.
Awards received: Ace Tanker, Defender, High Caliber, Tanker-Sniper, Top Gun
Map: Prokhorovka – Standard
Gamer: Kolins8 [C_Y_C]
Replay link: http://wotreplays.ru/site/11123762#de...


Skin deh0mbre's Grille 15 - http://wgmods.net/192/

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