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God of War 2: New Speed Record (Bonus Play - Exploit Speedrun - PS3)



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New speed record for God of War 2 (PS3), conditions for speed:
PS3, Bonus Play, God Armour, All Weapons/magics/spells, Max Settings, Skips & Exploits, Urns active, Easy Mode.

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My time at the final savepoint of the game is 1:03:45
My actual final time is 1:08:58 (Approx).

I consider a PS2 & PS3 speedrun of this game to be incomparable.
But for the sake of some sort of comparison, my time on the PS2 for this game is 1:13:57 (Almost 5 min difference).

Run Points:
When I pause the video, it's to stop the clock & give things time to load.

1. I used AKheon's speed tactic at the sling, draw colossus away from grabbing more enemies by flinging the rock .

I break out from the sling, damage him to his final state at the very same time that I'm getting into the sling. While Colossus is stunned, Kratos is - off camera - cocking himself in the sling.

2. Due to quick PS3 loading times, I couldn't get the 'Colossus foot skip' to work consitently enough to use, the game detects Kratos approaching MUCH quicker on the PS3, & loads the foot consistently.

3. Skipping the block pushing puzzle. This skip is an improvement, because it turns out that you can cross to beyond the 2nd gate without a long jump.

4. I didn't use the 'wooden beam skip', cos it takes nearly the same amount of time, & I didn't have patience to go from Palace savepoint to Return from Hades savepoint.

7. After shooting Prometheus, you can sneak in a shot to shoot down the vertical rope in the distance, just before the RotT prompt.

9. Using an improved swimming glitch method.

Getting to the next area quickly while swimming is tricky. Due to the fact that you have to first graze a trigger that is in-bounds just before the Gaia cutscene, while trying to stay out-of-bounds.

You then have to dodge under the trigger that starts the Cerebus battle (the entire floor is a trigger). A MASSIVE wall of collision then blocks you, & have to go wide around it.

Then you have to hit another trigger (in-bounds) where the dogs spawn, after that you have to go over a wall. And to top if off, the final puddle of water has annoying collision around it that makes it tricky to hit, that's why I approched the puddle from high up. This is as close as you'll get to an optimised route, that I know of.

11. Battle after Steeds Puzzle. A new skip, I did a long jump to go around the gate thus skipping a battle & cutscene.

12. Swimming to the doors is slower than just rolling there, due to 2 inconveniently placed loading triggers.

You really do have to trigger the cutscene at the big "slo-mo head", only the trees are loaded back there unless you do.

I then went behind the cave & waterfalls with multiple swing grapples, to avoid unnecessary navigation.

13. At the 3 swinging grapples. I skipped some navigation at the end of the 3rd swinging grapple. I did this by using the 3rd grapple to get me to a ledge that leads to the moving rocks puzzle. Interestingly, the 2 rocks don't load if you do this.

14. At the large grapple wall I used the method of skipping directly to the final climbing section, it's at least 4 seconds faster.

15. Vent skip before the 1st Translator. I jumped from the top of one of the gates, to the room that has the moveable block. Skipping the vent puzzle, navigation, lifting the large door & a minor cutscene.

After getting the Ram key, I jumped over both the gates. It's quicker than opening them.

At the 'exit gate', I wanted to use a skip that takes you directly to the savepoint. But this skips a trigger afterall, so I didn't.

17. An improved version of skipping the Siren Sacrifice/Water Tunnel/Ice Rooms/Harpy Nests/Breeders/2nd Translator puzzle. It was a joy breezing through it all in mere seconds.

19. I used addaminsain's suggestion from a while ago for the 1st phase. Made it easy...took it easy...

20. You can negate the 'slow-mo' effect of the temple, it's done by pushing the left controller forwards while spamming 'O' during the flying Phoenix cutscene. However, after loading a saved game, it returns.

22. The 'air-Atlas Quakes' were deliberate. If you use a ground AQ, some enemies are left in their 'O' state. It's quicker to make sure that ONLY the second 'stomp' hits them, to avoids any 'lingerers'.

24. If you skipped getting the fleece, the game GIVES you the fleece at the start of the Zeus battle. Good innit?

25. Breaking out from the column gives you time to hammer Zeus early.

26. During the Zeus battle - when I entered the menu to turn PR on - the game gave me the spear LATER ON when I was back at Clotho, even tho I never changed weapons while I was at Zeus. This cost me seconds having to change back to the hammer to do the final mirror jump.

Hope you enjoyed it! Here's to God of War: Ascension! (Minus MP!)