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Funny Cartoons. Ghost Train. Cartoon Ghosts Trains. New Kids Movies, Best CGI Short Animated Film, An Amazing and Very Funny Children's (Kids) And Adult ghost train 3D CGi Animation Cartoon, Haunted Trains Movie. a Film by Phill Campey, it took him five years on and off in his spare time to make it into a full film, this is only a short edited clip of the full movie edited by me, with kind permission from Phill Campey. the title of the full movie is C4D Bum in Ghost Killers animated short film. hear is the link to the full funny film Animations. Enjoy... Ghost Trains, Ghosts, Short Animated Film , Amazing Scary and Haunted Films, fairground theme park ride, Train Roller coaster the very best ghost train rides ever, steam trains, Railway locomotives. Funny Locomotive Video - Videos. Bum and his Funny Cat. by the way it's not just for children it's great for adults to. and it's not really 3D it's C4D (Cinema 4 Dimensions) there is a difference Between 3D and 4D but it's Hi Tech. A CG - CGI HD Animated Film, thank you yours mike. ps OMG! i've just found out that Phill Campey is making a brand new animation. titled Bum in The Trampire, This Looks Like It's Going To Be Awesome!! (Bum & The Vampire) So Spooky. i Can't Wait, i love Funny Horror Cartoons! maybe finished in the future if he finds time to work on it he has uploaded a Trailer. Hear is the Link. New Best Ever Cartoon for 2018 :)
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