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Beijing - 9 January 2018
1. French President Emmanuel Macron and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping arriving and taking seats
2. Pan from Macron to Xi
3. Various of Chinese and French officials signing several memorandums of understanding on bilateral cooperation and trade
4. SOUNDBITE: (French) Emmanuel Macron, French President:
"Today, as you rightly said, marks the beginning of a new era. Partly because of the Chinese situation and the strategy which you highlighted during the 19th Congress, which showed a willingness to adopt an ambitious strategy for your country and for greater world harmony because we are at a moment where the big technological changes, particularly in the digital area and environmental are there and will be changing the lives of our citizens and enterprises and are beginning to right now, and because we live in times of deep instability, where regional terrorism threatens our collective security system. Finally, because we have between us a synchronisation as such, since France voted last May for 5 years and the 19th Congress was held last year for the same time duration. In the years to come we have therefore to, in this context, deploy a concerted, equitable trustworthy strategy and build this path of viability and reciprocal conscience in our partnership."
5. Pan from cameraman to news conference
China and France on Tuesday signed multiple bilateral cooperation and trade memorandums of understanding during a visit by French President Emmanuel Macron.
A key issue for Macron, invoked several times during his visit, is reciprocity, or obtaining the same level of access for European and other foreign companies to China's state-dominated economy as Chinese companies enjoy abroad.
Macron, travelling with a French business delegation, wanted to secure deals that might produce greater access to China's growing market.
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