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Shruby Baby

Hey guest, welcome to TopHBO.Com Like to see
Hiya I’m just an average 5ft gamer girl !!!Thank you for checking out my channel :)
This channel is mostly FORTNITE , FRIDAY 13th and H1Z1 and more ....
I started this channel in February , my aim for the end of the year ,is to hit 2,000 subs :) come join the fun my baby's haha(sorry haha)

Psn and EPIC name : Brookebrennan_X
Snapchat and Instagram : Brookebrennan_x
Twitter : Shruby baby

However , I’m interested to play new games ! Just mention it in a live stream or a past video .I play with subs mostly everyday , so come along and join us

* Arguing with moderators
* Inappropriate talk
* racist comments
* self promotion

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