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Foals - In Degrees [Official Music Video]



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“Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1” is out now: http://foals.me/enswbl1

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Prod. Co: FRIEND
Director: Aaron Brown
EP: Luke Tierney
Producer: Taylor Vandegrift
DP: Frank Mobilio
Editor: Chris Roebuck @ TenThree
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli @ Ethos Studio
VFX: Ethos Studio
Digital Matte Painter: David Gibbons

Service Co: OCEAN FILMS São Paulo
EP: Christian Marini
UPM: Cris Silva
Coordinator: Rafaela Pellegrini
AD: Mariana Zdravca
Gaffer: Walerio Rosa
Art Director: Gui Marini
Stylist: Ana Wainer
Hair & Makeup: Mari Kato
Production Guru: Santos


we're caught up in silence
i lose you in degrees
i see you through the glass doors

i've looked up & down now
i lose you in degrees
come back around my way again
see me if you please
im tongue tied in silence
my words lost on the breeze
caught up in yr orbit still
release me if you please

i saw the black rain pouring
a lost love on display
bit by bit & day by day
i know we've lost our way
i hear yr final footsteps
ive lost you by degrees
pressed up to the glass door
i couldn't watch you leave.

i lose you in degrees don't leave me on my knees.

around again. i waste my days.
around again. i waste my time.

i know i've wasted time when i try to please
release me when i waste my time, when i come to be here

am i wasting my time. i could not persevere.
no point wasting my time. i could not persevere.