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First Day of School: Vlog and GRWM (high school edition) | My Life Fast Forward


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First Day of School: Vlog and GRWM (high school edition) | My Life Fast Forward

It's back to school season! I know you're allll sooooooo excited to go back to school. I understand, look at the the thumbnail. Going back to school can be rough. My first day of school vlog and grwm was a little rougher than I expected. There were a lot of unforeseen issues. However, I took you guys along with me to my first day of school anyways. I did a Get Ready With Me for the first day of school and decided to do another school vlog since I'll be in high school again this year. I really enjoy these types of videos when I'm not having a mental breakdown lol.

Anyways, I plan on doing other Back-To-School videos potentially, so if you have any school related video ideas, shoot them my way! I hope you enjoyed this get ready with me and vlog for the first day of school!!

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