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Exploring the House and Outside-Pet Dog:World's Best Doggy


alicia nicor

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There are 3 places where we go

Road is Tomorrow
July, 13,2019

House:there are to many quests you can buy other dogs or anything.
You can mess up thing in environment.
If you don't know where you go,find hints because you know where it is.
The quest \"! \" Will tell you, because you will give reward.

Outside:there are few quest \"3\" Quest will be asking you.
If you don't know, find hints because you will know where you go.
There is dog in the dog house, if you go to dog house, dog will asked you.
The dog has 3 quest you will find anything.

In this description:Meet the craziest pups! Guide these cute and mischievous doggies all around!

Curious about what it takes to have a dog? Get hands-on in this game!

Play with the cutest and most happy-to-help dogs around. Make them fetch objects and perform tiny tasks; complete fun and amusing doggy challenges! Responsibility comes with entertaining this little guy--he requires a lot of love and attention!

Pet Dog Features:
•Variety of dogs- unlock all of the marvelous canine species!
•Get down and dirty- playfully annoy your fellow humans
•Accessorize your dogs- style them up with boots, glasses and caps
•Get help in household tasks- help scavenge for objects and perform household tasks
•Realistic simulations- behave just like a real dog!
•Indoor and outdoor locations- enjoy house environments or step out into the playground for some outdoor fun
•Complete exciting challenges- face many exciting and fun challenges
•Playful animals!- chase and play with other cute animals
•Dog catcher van- CAUTION!! BEWARE of the dog catchers van while exploring the streets

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In this update:Bugs fixed

Version: 1.1

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