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Epic Music VN - BREATH OF LIFE (2018 Album Trailer) Coming on June 17


Epic Music VN

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This is our 9th album, Breath of Life - a great cooperation between EMVN and the talented composer Dustin Krizan. Accompanying us is gifted vocalists Merethe Soltvedt, Aeralie Brighton and Daniela Cipka, Steven Au and David Cipkar are violinists
Welcome to the trailer of Breathe of Life.

P/s: This is a non-profit album. All funds accumulated will be donated to the "Little Hands" orphanage in Tecate, Mexico.

More information here: http://www.littlehandsorphanage.com/

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Music by Epic Music VN
Composer: Dustin Krizan
Album: BREATH OF LIFFE (2018)

Link purchase album:

Amazon: http://emvn.co/BreathOfLifeAmazon
iTunes: http://emvn.co/BreathOfLifeItunes
Google Play: http://emvn.co/BreathOfLifeGoogle
Bandcamp: http://emvn.co/BreathOfLifeBandcamp
Spotify: http://emvn.co/BreathOfLifeSpotify
Deezer: http://emvn.co/BreathOfLifeDeezer

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