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Emilia Clarke Funniest Moments
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Her on-screen persona Daenerys Targaryen is definitely not one to be reckoned with, but the actress Emilia Clarke has demonstrated a decidedly British sense of humour in television interviews. Here are five vintage Clarke moments, from her impromptu performance of 'MMMBop' in Dothraki to her "#FreeTheP" chant. 1. Competing in an eyebrow-off with Cara Delevingne (and Jake Gyllenhaal)It was the battle of the brows on the Graham Norton show in June 2015, with Britain's reigning queen Cara Delevingne facing stiff competition from Clarke. The best part? The Mother of Dragons came out victorious, demonstrating her ability to lift one brow at a time (and sweet talk co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger into letting her win). 2. Singing Hanson's 'MMMBop' in DothrakiFurther proof of Clarke's playful sense of humour came during this interview with Seth Meyers, where she explained that her in-depth knowledge of Dothraki, the language her character sometimes speaks on Game of Thrones, means she can sing Hanson's 'MMMBop' in the language. 3. Making a spectacle of herself in her Game of Thrones auditionClarke was so anxious to play Daenerys Targaryen that she asked the producers if there was anything else she could do to get the role. Jokingly, they asked her to dance – and she did – morphing from the 'Funky Chicken' into the 'Robot'. 4. Doing her best Valley Girl British actors in Hollywood are required to be experts at accents, something Clarke proved with aplomb on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Valley Girl? Easy. French? No problem. Mexican policeman? A little tricky... 5. Fighting for equal-opportunities nudity While discussing the amount of female nudity on Game of Thrones with James Corden on the Late Late Show, Clarke makes the case for more naked men on screen and starts a new hashtag – #FreeTheP – in the process. ity of Edmure's silent humiliation is only increased when his gruff uncle Brynden steps in, fires a shot, and walks away without even looking to see whether it landed or not. (It did.)Badly translated lines are always good for a chuckle or two. Like Bruce Banner's mangled "You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry" in 2008's The Incredible Hulk, this meaning of Tyrion's sentence is utterly lost in translation. (For the record, he intended to say his Valyrian was a bit rusty. Easy to see how one would get those two words confused.)Curmudgeonly old Walder Frey has had eight wives, 22 sons, seven daughters, and god knows how many bastards and grandchildren. So you'll forgive him for blanking on the name of one of his prodigious brood when introducing them to Robb Stark. "My granddaughter... Waltha? Walra? Waldina." "I'm Mary." "Fine." Classic Frey humor.Only someone as close to Cersei as her own baby brother could find a redeeming quality in the scheming queen... and somehow he found two!As the aging, but razor-tongued, Queen of Thorns, actress Diana Rigg has gotten to deliver more than her fair share of zingers. But, she got one of the best entrances in Game of Thrones history this year, in her first Season 5 appearance.We all knew the Cersei Lannister-Loras Tyrell engagement was doomed from the start. Too bad this amazingly awkward interaction between them is the only glimpse at what mismatched spouses they might have made for each other.Renly must have been hungry when he went to this parlay with his older brother Stannis. Melisandre's exhortation of her go-to prophecy-speak leads to a nice food-themed pun.Cersei can't say she wasn't warned. As Maggy the Frog told her in Season 5's opening flashback, "Queen you shall be... until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and throw some epic shade." Or something like that.This was probably the last time most viewers liked the stubborn king before he used his adorable daughter as kindling. There's just something endearing about the fact that Stannis is a stickler for proper grammar.First she heads north, only to learn that her homeland has beenunger brothers murdered. Then she heads to the Twins, only to learn that her mother and older brother have been slaughtered slaughtered. Then she heads to the Eyrie, only to learn that her aunt Lysa jumped to her death three days prior. Can you blame her for laughing?Oh man. This is without a doubt the single funniest scene in Throne history — and, appropriately enough, it involves a bunch of chairs. Try to re-watch this clip w

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