Drug-Tested IPL World Powerlifting Championships | Day 1



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Welcome to the 2017 Drug Tested World Powerlifting championships in Atlanta Georgia.
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| Powerlifting Events |
- Bench Press
- Deadlift
- Squat

Start time - 8:00 AM
Events - Full power only
Category - Raw, Classic Raw, Single Ply, and Multi Ply
There will NOT be a Monolift. Multi-ply lifters must walk -out squats. (Must have 25 multi-ply lifters to have a Monolift.)

| Schedule for Saturday First Session Lifters |
Weigh-in/gear check - Friday, 8am (EST) to 10am (EST) & 5pm (EST) to 6:30pm (EST)
Warmup - Saturday, 7am (EST)
Lifting Begins - Saturday, 8am (EST)

| Schedule for Saturday Second Session Lifters |
Weigh-in/gear check - Friday, 2pm (EST) to 4:30pm (EST) & 5pm (EST) to 6:30pm (EST)
Warmup - Saturday, 1pm (EST)
Lifting Begins: - Saturday, 2pm (EST)


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