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Dog Stuck on a Ledge... RESCUED! | Animal Rescue India


RESQ Charitable Trust, India

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Sometimes we can learn, study, and know... and sometimes we must believe, trust and hope!

Our rescue team is a prime example of both! While we like to approach every report we receive with compassion and hope, we also understand just how important it is to be prepared for various situations. Recently, we received a report about a dog who had gotten stuck on the ledge of the fourth floor in a building complex. Stuck out on a ledge that was hardly a foot wide, the dog was barely able to keep his balance. Completely terrified, the dog could not even be tempted to safety with food! But our team was well-prepared and got right out on that ledge to safely bring the frightened dog in despite the highly dangerous situation... Watch our video to see how we rescued him!

To help us continue to rescue and provide aid to animals in need, please consider making a small contribution today! Visit www.resqct.org/donate
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