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Dame Tu Cosita - Just Dance 2018 (Unlimited) [Fan Made]



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What if Dame Tu Cosita was in Just Dance? This is simply fan made and not a mod, I simply added all of the Just Dance HUD onto the music video to make it look like its in Just Dance, and edited the song list menu to make it look like it was added to Just Dance Unlimited. The HUD and animations aren't anywhere near perfect, but eh.

The custom pictograms were all made by me by using existing pictograms (From songs like I Will Survive, Ain't My Fault, Sexy And I Know It, Chiwawa etc.), and editing them to make them look like the dance moves the alien does in the music video, some look better than others. The facing position of the poctograms are somewhat awkward because of how the camera moves around the alien.

This video took me way too long to make...

Special thanks to:
Just Dance Wiki for the pictogram sprites.
El Chombo for bringing this cringy ass song into the world of memes.
JackLSummer15 for the star bar extraction.
AndreV7 for the gold move star bar.
GeoFusion3D for the Mars zoom in footage.

Ayyy papi.
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