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Lifestyle Destination Wedding Planner

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DIYADECOR- Lifestyle Destination Wedding Planner

Marriage is a beautiful commitment between the man and woman. It is the beautiful memory that cherishes their love even more. It is a sign of welcoming a legal relationship between two hearts. Marriage is being celebrated as a big occasion in India. The wedding is a place where we can unite. It helps the couple to lead their life with love and care. In India marriage gets vary by different cultures, religions, and caste.

Who are we?
Once the marriage gets fix people may go through with discussions and planning. They may get worried about selecting the best wedding organizer as it is a big role. Are you planning a wedding and don't know how to approach persons for certain things? By throwing all your worries you can approach Life style wedding. We provide you with all the services that are needed for your wedding.

What do we offer?
In marriage, there are so many things that need to be addressed. Among those food plays an important role. Guests are more concerned with the food and people are trying to satisfy them with the food. If food is not good then they will be feeling of presenting the unsuccessful event. We are offering you with the best service for food. Everyone wants to capture their memorable moments. We are ready to impress you with the stunning photographs. We have expert Photographers and videographers to capture the candid and professional photos.

When coming to the wedding, the venue is the first thing that strikes in people's mind. They would like to pick up the right wedding venue. Considering your worries, we are offering you with the Venue bookings. Usually, the most ceremony will follow up with the travelling plan. We suggest you with the best places that you can visit after your wedding. We are offering travel services for you. Are you confused about presenting wedding gifts to the Bride/ Groom? We give you the list of gifts that can be used and gives happiness to the couple. Bride and Groom would like to present them in gorgeous clothes and jewels. Not only the couples but the guests attending the marriage also will be more conscious of their clothes and jewels. We will suggest you with the latest designs and models. Add on to that to show couples even more beautiful we are offering you the best beauticians in the city. We also offer other services like DJs, orchestra, Invitation service, etc.
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