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DEATH ALREADY!?!?! (Skyblock Episode 2)


iDanstar_ Plays

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This is the second episode of my new skyblock series. If you want more of minecraft skyblock be sure to leave a like. It'd be amazing if we could pull 8 likes on this video. Make sure to subscribe as well for more skyblock! (100 subs special coming soon)!

Minecraft Skyblock Series is a series where I play minecraft skyblock and in episodes we feature other people in the episodes that are not featuring other people I am going solo. If you want to join in for an episode let me know in the comments below, I don't mind featuring people more than once. If I collab with someone i'll have there channel link in the description and one of there videos will also be featuring me in it. (Most likely one of there skyblock episodes).

Twitter: http://twitter.com/danny_pass