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Complete Guide to Google Plus Circles and Communities (updated)


Plus Your Business

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This is the third video in a series of five.
It covers the just about everything you will need to know about circles and communities.
Check out http://www.plusyourbusiness.com for more information on Google+ for Business.
Content in this video includes...
00:01 Plus your business intro
00:25 *Circles* Find your circles. Suggestions. Add. Delete
00:55 Have you in circles. Search for a name. Relevance
01:30 In your circles.
01:48 Sorting circles. First four show in the top menu of home page.
02:18 Edit, share, delete a circle.
03:02 Create a circle. Add people
04:00 Relevance. Actions. View blocked and View ignore.
04:25 Individual circle settings. Notifications. Amount of posts.
05:28 Stream layout. Choose one column or multiple columns.
05:46 Type of posts in the stream. +1d, communities.
06:34 *Communities* What do you see?
07:22 Look inside a community. Owner. Community guidelines. Links. Recommending a community by sharing.
08:00 Reading the community. Delete. Report.
08:24 Categories
08:46 Search community (Not in app). Notifications. Stream control. Leave the community
09:26 Post to a community
10:48 Settings choice not to display community posts in profile.
11:13 Interacting with community posts. Very similar to other posts.
11:45 How to find who are the moderators.
12:52 Sample of a private community.
13:45 Need to join to comment on communities.
14:13 Wrap up
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