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China's cutting-edge military equipment, aircraft highlighted at Zhuhai Airshow


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China's most cutting-edge military equipment and aircraft have been dazzling onlookers at the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China), which is being held in Zhuhai City of south China's Guangdong Province

The Bayi Aerobatic Team from the Chinese Air Force showed off its new stunts while China's Hongying Aerobatic Team made its first appearance at the Airshow. China's self-made air-freighter Y-20 and Pakistan's JF-17 Thunder fighter were also present in Zhuhai.

Two years ago at the airshow, the debut of China's J-20 stealth fighter made worldwide headlines. This year, a J-10B fighter powered by China's latest thrust-vectoring engine has wowed the tens of thousands of audience members.

The J-10B fighter performed a stunt called a Pugachev's Cobra, a dramatic and demanding maneuver in which an airplane flying at a moderate speed suddenly raises its nose momentarily to slightly beyond the vertical position before dropping to a normal horizontal flight.

When talking about China's aviation development, the lack of a good home-grown engine has always been seen as a weakness, especially falling short of demand in terms of China's fourth-generation fighter jets.

The airshow is not only about planes, but also about the wider aerospace program, with the whole series of China's Long March rockets also catching the eye.

According to authorities, the Long March 9 can carry a payload up to 140 tons to low-earth orbit, five times that of China's current biggest Long March-5 rocket. It will make its maiden flight in 10 years time.

From military, to industrial and commercial drones, China is also demonstrating its best drone technology at the Airshow.

Airshow China is the country's biggest event for aircraft makers and buyers. The show has been held in Zhuhai every two years since 1996.