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China's One Belt One Road & MH370 Mission Over | VICE News Tonight on HBO Full Episode (HBO)



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May 29, 2018 Full Episode of VICE News Tonight on HBO

1:55 - Today, all 8,000 of Starbucks company-owned locations closed early for racial bias training. Starbucks wouldn't let us talk to any baristas but they did invite us to interview a handpicked group of district managers about the training.

5:17 - The mission to find MH370 is over. But the mystery is still unsolved.

7:35 - China’s One Belt One Road initiative could be the most ambitious infrastructure plan in history. It’s designed to reconnect places along China’s ancient silk road trade route, and way beyond. The Chinese government guaranteed a loan to Montenegro to finance the construction of one 41km stretch of the road. A condition of that loan was that a Chinese state contractor would do 70% of the work.

14:37 - Most cities didn't vote for Trump. That means it might be a little difficult for the RNC to find a place to hold their national convention. Evan McMorrison Santoro reports from Texas.

17:30 - The number of bitcoin ATMs has tripled since 2017. You put physical money in, but then it goes into a space where there is no physical money.

22:05 - Neko Case is back again to critique new music.

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