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Located in the middle of China, is one air purifier to rule them all, on this episode we bring you the biggest air purifier.

Built in the city of Xian in Shaanxi province China is an experimental tower is that is long overdue. For a city that is reliant on coal, the winter months are the most polluted in Xian. It’s no secret China has countrywide pollution problem with their cities. Images of smog overrun city scapes like these ones from Beijing force citizens to wear masks anytime they are outside.

To combat this new man made problem, China has developed the largest air purifier which has recently been turned on. This 328 foot or 100 meter tall spire can output around 353 million cubic feet or 10 million cubic meters of clean air daily. How it works, the flat building at the base of the tower, which is around ½ the size of a soccer field, is a greenhouse with a suction vent. Air is drawn into the greenhouse where solar energy heats it up, the hot air rises up the tower passing through multiple filter layers before going back outside. A coating on the greenhouse glass absorbs solar radiation allowing this facility to operate efficiently even in winter.

After turning it on a noticeable improvement in air quality has been observed. 12 monitoring stations have been setup in the area which has measured fresh clean air all the way out 3.86 square miles or 10 square kms from the tower. On days that would be at dangerous levels this tower has brought the air quality down to moderate.

This new style of tower requires very little energy to operate which was the goal as they have a smaller smog tower in Beijing that’s only 23 feet or 7 meters tall but runs on electricity which comes from coal which is counter productive.

Believe it or not this tower is Xian is a scaled down version of a tower that is designed for a small city. The original design features a 1640 foot or 500 meter tall tower that is 656 feet or 200 meters in diameter. It would be similar in dimensions to a nuclear cooling tower like this one except 2.5 times taller and twice the size in diameter. To meet the solar needs of a tower this size, 11.6 square miles or 30 sq km of greenhouses would be needed to be built.



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