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Cats by the Way | Sarah E. Trueblood | *Non-fiction, Animals, Children's Fiction | Book | English


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http://bit.ly/Dion_Graham_Audio_Books Cats by the Way | Sarah E. Trueblood | *Non-fiction, Animals, Children's Fiction | Audiobook full unabridged | English
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Between these pages you will find only the good, old-fashioned, every-day cat. No Angora or thoroughbred has been entered here, unless it be "Hansie," who is little more than mentioned. These are true incidents and true lives, with the exception of the one chapter, "The Mission of the Cat." The reader will pardon the intrusion of Victor, the dog. I have added him as the cook adds her trace of spice, but feeling also that he is entirely in place, being an ardent cat-lover himself. (Summary by Sarah E. Trueblood)

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