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*Direction/Concept/Edit- Sabin Karki (Beest).

*Crew Members-
Sabin Karki a.k.a. Beest (Captain).
Saroj Adhikari a.k.a. Pwale.
Bikash Rai a.k.a. Virzil.
Aashma B.K. a.k.a. Sky.
Ram Gurung a.k.a. Hulk
Lakpa Lama a.k.a. Spidey
Subin Chauhan a.k.a. Bat.

*Song- Funtastic (Pani Paryo Asina Jharyo) "Happy" by Almoda Rana Uprety
*Camera- Son J Karki & Sabin Karki (Beest).
*Location- Tribhuwan University (T.U.) Premises.
[Beest productions]

For event/show bookings please email- [email protected]

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We do not own the song,
Sung and composed by Almoda Rana Uprety.
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