Calculating The PERFECT Outplay - 200IQ CLEAN MONTAGE - League of Legends



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League of Legends / LoL Clean Montage - The Best 200IQ Outplays, Perfect Execution and Unbelievable Calculated Moments!

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▼Video Sources for this League of Legends Clean Execution Montage:

1) Thekasper123 on Udyr (
2) Sybreed on Maokai (
3) MikeYeung on Lee Sin (
4) useless botlane on Yasuo (
6) KatEvolved on Katarina (
7) Yassuo on Yasuo (
8) very artistic on Lee Sin (
9) Kronjuvel on Kog'Maw (
10) C9 Smoothie on Thresh (
11) Metroid Super on Vi (
12) KamiKat on Azir (
13) Shiphtur on Leblanc (#1) (
14) Tobias Fate on Gangplank (
15) Rush on Lee Sin (
16) G2 Perkz on Yasuo (
17) C9 her0 on Rakan (
18) Thresh LUL on Braum (
19) Shiphtur on Zed (#2) (
20) Bjergsen on Galio (
21) Chizzy on Yasuo (
22) Khoi Va May on Riven (
23) KingGeorgie on Varus (
24) FOX Kawner on Camille (
25) Tsukishima Kei on Vel'Koz (
26) Nii on Lee Sin (
27) Alaya on Zoe (
28) Banjo on Ezreal (
29) minibaker on Syndra (
30) Vchee on Aurelion Sol (
31) KingOfJesus on Wukong (
32) TSM Zven on Varus (

Music in this LoL Clean Execution Montage Provided by Monstercat:

1) Title: Love Back On (feat. Emelie Cyréus) by Summer Was Fun
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2) Title: Superhuman (feat. Eric Leva) by Slander
Listen on Spotify:
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3) Title: Hurt For Me (feat. Thallie Ann Seenyen) by Bustre from Hurt For Me
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