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My first travel vlog!
A prequel to Blue Suede Hills, and the first travel "vlog" I've uploaded (it is, however, the third one I've recorded, the other two will come soon).
Depicted in this film is my travel experience (or some of it) from Turramurra to Bell in the early hours of 15/01/18 to record "Blue Suede Hills".
Stations featured include Turramurra, Hornsby and Strathfield, with a small selection of trains (including a Trackwork machine I could use clarification on). The first train to operate across the new Hornsby Junction (though I could be wrong on that) is also featured, albeit as little more than a by-product of me bring at Hornsby so early.

Should I do more travel vlogs? Carrying on from that, should I do more "event" vlogs? Let me know in the comments.
By "vlog", I do of course mean "video blog", rather than the use of the word to describe a narrated railway film. So if I do start producing vlogs as well as railway films, they'll probably be unrelated to railways (or travel vlogs).
Regardless, the two more travel vlogs I recorded in 2017 will be uploaded when their respective series come: One from the Southern Highlands and the other from the Hunter Valley/ Central Coast.

Blue Suede Hills (The full fifteen-minute film)

Blue Suede Hills Deleted Scenes (this film is scheduled for upload at 1500 hrs on 18/07/18).

Blue Suede Hills and Other Bits Playlist (All three films recorded on 15/01/18).

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-Simply, everything in this film, including the music, is my own work.

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BritFromOz Travel Vlog: An Early Journey To Bell
C. TheBritFromOz

P.S. I'm fully aware of the editing goof where I state the time to be 02:47 when the indicator clock clearly shows me to be five minutes fast.
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