Best Workout Music Mix 2018- NEFFEX - Gym Training Motivation Music with Andrei Deiu


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► Best Workout Music Mix 2018- NEFFEX - Gym Training Motivation Music with Andrei Deiu.

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►Tracklist :
1. NEFFEX - Greatest
2. NEFFEX - Roller Coaster
3. NEFFEX – Life
4. NEFFEX – Failure
5. NEFFEX - Best of Me
6. NEFFEX - Never Hold Back
7. NEFFEX - Badass
8. NEFFEX - Woah
9. NEFFEX - Flirt
10. NEFFEX - Self Made
11. NEFFEX - Roller Coaster
12. NEFFEX - Let Me Down
13. NEFFEX - Head Down
14. NEFFEX - Thing Are Gonna Get Better
15. NEFFEX - Ready To Go
16. NEFFEX - No Sleep
17. NEFFEX - First Time
18. NEFFEX - Judge
19. NEFFEX - Pro

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