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Best Fingerstyle Guitarists In The World | Part 1 | Guitar Got Talent


Guitar Got Talent

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This is the video of a very well refined group of Fingerstyle Guitarists from all around the world who has shown their immense talent in handling the instrument for quite sometime. All Guitarists shown in this video are unique and has their own style and vibe while playing. So, no individual positions given either from bottom to top or vice versa.

Those Guitarists who are part of a band or main event is vocals are not included in this video. And some other criteria has been followed before making this video. And please let me know if I've missed anyone who are still active and their sole weapon is the Guitar.

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Thanks to all the following Guitarists who inspired me for making this video,

Tommy Emmanuel
Jon Gomm
Ewan Dobson
Andy McKee
Mike Dawes
Estas Tonne
Tobias Rauscher
Luca Stricagnoli
Calum Graham
Don Ross
Igor Presnakyov
Antoine Dufour
Kaki King
Kotaro Oshio
Jimmy Wahlsteen
Trace Bundy
Sungha Jung
Alexander Misko
Marcin Patrzalek
Erik Mongrain
Justin King

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