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Best Camping Dog Breed Ever! - 130 Pound Purebred Rottweiler Happy Cappy


Happy Cappy

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Captain, the 130 pound rottweiler dog is the best camping dog ever! As you can see in the video he smiles a lot. That's why we call him Happy Cappy. Look at this happy dog smiling in his sleep after each kiss! :) This big rottie dog is a great travel dog, great hiking dog and a great camping dog! He is so chill, but also a really great protector of the camp. We like to 4x4 off road in the Pacific Northwest to find primitive camping spots. So it's nice to have a big protector. He alerts us with a low growl or bark if someone comes near our camp. But he is not overly barky. He just alerts us, or whoever is there. And then he is so quiet and sweet in the tent! Captain is a camping girl's best friend. He is such a cuddle bear! This huge doggie does not want to wake up. Big lazy lump of dog in the morning. :)

Filmed with a GoPro Hero2 June 2018.

Captain is a purebred German Rottweiler dog. Thanks for watching #HappyCappy!