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BTS - Fake Love Piano Cover - K-Pop Covers


Piano Peace

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Relaxing piano cover version of "Fake Love" by K-Pop boyband BTS.
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Piano Peace is an original piano relaxation and meditation music group from Australia, specializing in piano music that helps with stress relief, sleeping and healing.

We have currently released 23 albums:

* Peaceful Piano Music
* Relaxation & Meditation New Age Piano Music
* Music for Studying
* Sad Piano Songs
* Baby Lullaby Piano Sleep Music
* Calming Piano Music
* Anime Movie Piano Songs
* Piano & Rain
* Relaxing Piano Covers, Vol. 1 (Best of 2017)
* Piano Music for Reading
* Best of Piano Peace: Music & Rain
* Sleep Piano Music
* Relaxing Piano Covers, Vol. 2 (Best of 2017)
* Relaxing Piano Lullabies
* Soothing Piano Solos
* Piano for Sleeping Babies
* Calming Piano Music with Rain
* Music for Stress Relief
* Piano Study Music
* Piano in Nature
* Piano Chill
* Piano Sleep Songs
* Piano Music for Movies

"Fake Love" is available on "BTS Piano Covers" by Piano Peace.
© Piano Peace 2017

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