BEST Sensitivity And Custom Bindings For PS4 + Xbox Fortnite! (NEW Settings)


GronKy Fortnite

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This video today is going to be an update sensitivity and custom bindings video designed for console Fortnite. I didn't plan on making another video like this for at least another month or so but today console Fortnite received a MAJOR update. And this update is probably the most impactful and positive update concerning Xbox/PS4 fortnite since the addition of builder pro. Just to highlight the most major additions contained in this update and that pertain to sensitivity and custom bindings console finally got the ability to set a separate building sensitivity, console now has the ability to instant place structures, and they added even more customization options to custom button binding. So with all of these changes I have definitely changed a few major things with my settings and I don't wanna keep you keep you guys in the dark. #FortniteSettings #FortniteCustomBindings #FortniteSensitivity #FortniteBattleRoyale #CustomBinds #BuildingSensitivity #ConsoleFortnite #XboxFortnite #PS4Fortnite


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