Avakaya Biryani Telugu movie scenes || Climax Scene - Kamal Kamaraju, Bindhu Madhavi Love Scene


Director Anish Kuruvilla

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Watch Avakaya Biryani Telugu Full Movie.

Starring : Kamal Kamaraju, Bindhu Madhavi, Rao Ramesh and Among Others.

Directed by Anish Kuruvilla
Produced by Sekhar Kammula, Chandra Sekhar Kammula
Written by Anish Kuruvilla


Akbar (Kamal Kamaraju) is an auto driver in a village called Devarakonda and also works as paper boy in the early morning. He is an orphan as lost his father in childhood. He, along with other young uneducated gang lives under the rule of Masterjee (Rao Ramesh), the village head. Babar, a Muslim leader in that place wishes to divert Akbar as religious chauvinist. But Akbar follows 'love all' concept.

A Brahmin family newly comes to that village in exodus from another village and resides in a house. Their plan is to start a hotel business there and also sell avakaya. Lakshmi (Bindu Madhavi), the elder daughter in that family falls in love with Akbar.

How Akbar and Lakshmi unite? How the Hindu-Muslim love is accepted by Lakshmi's father who believes in strict Brahminism? How the hotel business will be started by that family? How Akbar becomes a hero in his village from mere auto driver?
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