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Asura's Wrath - VS Wyzen [S-Rank]



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The story begins with Asura and other demigods fighting Ghoma Vlitra, the anger of the earth with the help of power collected with human prayer and amplified by Asuras daughter, the priestess Mithra. But the demigod Deus doubts they will be strong enough to defeat Ghoma Vlitra next time at this rate. So he kills the former leader of the demigods, kills Asura's wife and captures his daughter. Then he defeats Asura by dropping him on earth and proclaims himself and the other demigods the new deities of earth.
For the next 12.000 years, he frames Asura for it and tells mankind that he's evil. He also harvests the spiritual energy of humans more extremely, e.g. by sacrificing them. Asura comes back to life and Wyzen is the first demigod he challenges. Fueled by wrath, he manages to defeat him, even though Wyzen uses the energy of several billion humans to grow giant.
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