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Here's a special compilation for your toddler about Animals. As your child takes pleasure in listening to these wonderful stories they get to learn about the Wild Animals and their Sounds too. So, get your toddlers to learning about animals like Monkey, Fox, Rabbit, Giraffe, Penguin, Zebra, Sheep, Elephant, Lion, Horse and even about Birds plus more. With KidloLand Short Stories about Animals, your child will gain a lot of knowledge and insight into all sorts of animals and their habitat. This is a great way to teach your Preschoolers and Kindergarteners about Animals. Also, this is the best early learning lessons in a fun and interactive manner for your babies and toddlers. KidloLand has a huge variety of Songs, Nursery Rhymes, Short Stories and so much more. And to watch more educational and fun videos Subscribe NOW - for more educational videos for kids.

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00:07 Aarby's Day at the Zoo
02:28 Fergie the Flying Fox
04:01 Randall Rabbit's Birthday
05:45 Ginger the Giraffe's Birthday Party
07:17 Purdy the Penguin goes Skiing
08:58 Ziggy the Zebra's Stinky Day
10:44 Hana the Hippo Learns Guitar
12:26 Sally the Sheep gets a Haircut
14:04 Orla the Owl has two Chicks
15:49 The Jungle Elections
17:19 The Squirrel Cafe
18:40 Open Day at Jungle School
20:23 Jungle Super Chef
22:13 Baby Chimp and the Tree House
24:14 Sun, Moon, star & Earth
25:44 A Feast in the Jungle
27:41 Nippy got Wings
30:03 Where do Animals Live
32:27 Animal Table Manners
34:10 Paw Paw the Rainbow Panda
36:01 Stevie the Squirrel has Hiccups
37:20 Piggu goes to the Doctor
38:47 The Jungle Games Competition
40:25 Animal Hobbies
41:39 Bambo the Beaver builds a Lodge
43:12 Jungle Swim and Picnic Time
45:04 Billie the Bear Explore Nature
46:42 What is Joe Doing?
47:59 Mousey Loses his Voice
50:15 Old MacDonald
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