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Adopt vs Breeder - From WHERE should I get my dog? - Part 2


Julie Klein Pure Positive Approach

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Adopt vs Breeder - From WHERE should I get my dog? - Part 2
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Let’s now switch to the next source, which is a breeder. If I am thinking of getting a certain breed, then I will do my research on different breeders before choosing one. When we talk about pure breeds, the best is to have a good mix of that breed, and not just the same parents (or the same cousins) reproducing over and over. It has to be from different families, otherwise health problems and sometimes behavior problems will occur, not to mention the degeneration of the specific breed. Some breeders do a really good job at selecting the best parents to keep the best line.

So how do you find these good breeders? Do your research, go onsite, ask to go see where the moms are. See how many dogs there are. See if the dogs are living with the breeder, integrated into their life. See if all the dogs are confident, happy, and treated well. Good breeders will also have other animals and a real-world environment where the dogs will be used to lots of things, and have built balance. The difference between a not-so-good breeder and a good one will be the rhythm of reproduction; less is best! The development of puppies happens very quickly. Certain stages only last a few days, some a few weeks. If the job is not done well, then there can be a lot of consequences in the puppies’ learning and behavior. So, breeders can be good, you just have to do your research and check all the points.

The last source I’d like to talk about are animal shelters. Animal shelters are places where dogs find themselves after coming from a puppy farm, a breeder, a pet shop, from owners who didn’t do their research, and from many other places. Dogs in animal shelters don't understand why they are there, or how long they will have to stay. It's a difficult place, often very noisy, and on top of that they don't get much activity or fun time. They are waiting and longing for attention and tenderness, and a real home. Nevertheless, after getting a dog from an animal shelter, he or she will need to rest and spend some time adjusting. They're asking for our patience, and compassion, and help to learn what real life and kindness is again. It can be a very traumatic time, and depends a lot on the circumstances that brought them to the animal shelter.

So a shelter dog is first and foremost, a family dog. A great dog that never chose to go to the animal shelter. There’s no guarantee of getting a perfect dog from one place or another. It depends on humans to help them learn positively about the world we’ve decided to give them.

So, you see, the scope is broad. From pet shops that are puppy farms for profit, to animals through friends and acquaintances, to animal shelters who rescue dogs in need and who are just there waiting to be found by people like you. It's about being conscious about what's happening to the animal that we're looking for. This video is not about giving one answer, it’s about giving you elements to think about before choosing one source over another, and how to do the best selection of that source with full awareness.

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